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Brick Paver Hot Water Green Cleaning and Clear Sealing

Brick, Travertine, and Coral Pavers - Hot Water Cleaning and Clear Sealing.

Cleaned and sealed pavers retain and protect the original color and beauty from stain and age.

GK cleans with Truck Mounted Low Pressure Hot Water Equipment removing more impurities and stains than our competitor using high pressure cold water which destroys your surfaces. GK also treats the surface with biodegradable chemicals removing the efflorence in the brick that causes sealer to fail. We remove all gum and give the surface a complete rinse. 24 hour drying time is also very important before sealing. Gk blocks the areas cleaned for sealer with caution tape and seals the following day (weather permitting).

By sealing pavers, we create a surface barrier to prevent mold and mildew. Our sealant, made here in South Florida, helps to prevent stains and maintain the new appearance and color of your Concrete Brick, Travertine, Coral and Marble Pavers while also protecting them from weather and basic wear and tear. Have you had your driveway or patio sealed lately and now have cloudy white results? GK can bring your color back. Call Ray today for a free consultation. Contact GK


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