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Clean Roof Guarantee GK's cleaned residential and commercial exteriors in South Florida for 29 years. Repeated roof cleaning can eventually damage your roof. Roof Stain Prevention (RSP) is the cure! RSP is a mixture of EPA approved algaecides that are extremely affective on reoccuring discoloration and roof stain prevention. Homeowners and Property Managers experiencing the effects of repeated roof cleanings realize using high pressure or harsh chemical treatments (safe chemical roof cleaning?) greatly accelerates the aging process of a roof and a replacement is due sooner than needed. RSP can keep your roof clean safely and I am owner operated, keeping RSP more cost effective that other methods available! Contact GK

GK removes all the algae, mold and mildew that's discoloring your roof and kills the spore at the root. GK's professional roof and gutter cleaning service is performed with a special soft wash technique and bio-degradable cleaner that is safe for all roofs. Our products are also safe for your family, pets and your landscape!

A clean roof is a healthy roof. Now let RSP keep it clean and eliminate roof staining!

GK offers a clean roof guarantee. Retain a clean appearance for the life of the roof when you join GK'S annual Roof Stain Prevention Program.

How it works:

1. A Roof Cleaning is performed with Low Pressure. 
2. GK rinses all gutters, walls, windows, screens and other surrounding or impacted areas.
3. GK treats your asphalt shingle, flat or barrel tile roof with an application of our Roof Stain Prevention Treatment.( 1st Treatment FREE W/ ROOF CLEANING PURCHASE)
4. Reapply our Roof Stain Prevention Treatment annually and GK will guarantee your roof to stay clean and free of stains.

What is the difference?

 Enjoy a clean roof, year after year!

Improve your property value with a fresh clean appearance!

Avoids letters from your city or associations telling you about your ugly roof stains.

Your walls, patio, driveway and surroundings cleaner longer by not letting your roof get infested with algae, which will travel to your other surfaces with every rain.

Mold spores are airborne everyday, along with dust from cutting grass and construction (which never stops), to sugar cane being burnt at the end of every crop. These components are food for mold.

Without the annual maintenance, your clean roof will slowly become dirty again.

With the maintenance plan, your roof maintains the same cleanliness, health, and beauty. There is no need to perform a  cleaning again, reducing the stress on your roof.

What is the cost difference?  - The annual maintenance plan is very affordable and greatly reduces the need for future roof repairs, saving you even more money and headaches! Great savings on 5 to 1000 roofs, so encourage your community and friends to join. Have a complete community in mind, call now or send us the bid specs via email. Contact GK

 GK rewards discounts on other services (driveways, sidewalks, patios) for clients that are on the GK Clean Roof Plan.                

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